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Rebecca Leigh Longendyke and Miu Miu Are Pretty Much a Match Made in Heaven on Vogue Korea’s February 2022 Covers

Whether photographic duo Luigi & Iango is commissioned to capture Vogue Brazil‘s best cover in years, bring the drama with Penélope Cruz for Vogue Arabia or give us our supermodel fix via Vogue Russia, we’re usually left in awe. Thankfully, Vogue Korea’s Kwangho Shin is also a fan of the creative twosome welcoming the pair back for February 2022. Dedicated to youth, the 25-year-old American beauty Rebecca Leigh Longendyke appears on two stylized covers decked out in outfits from Miu Miu’s Spring 2022 collection chosen for the occasion by stylist Michael Philouze.

Vogue Korea February 2022 : Rebecca Leigh Longendyke by Luigi & Iango


Members of our forums were divided. “Words cannot express how much I hate these,” voiced Idyll.

“Loved that Miu Miu collection, but Rebecca is not selling it to me. Maybe it’s the hair, maybe it’s the pose, maybe it would have worked with another model. Nonetheless, the typography is also hideous,” declared Nomar.

“I’m very convinced by these covers. The neon green was pushing it a bit too far though…” said YohjiAddict.

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“Not bad. Not good, either. The covers lack oomph,” added crmsnsnwflks.

But not everyone agreed. “The first cover is great and I don’t mind the full Miu Miu look at all! It’s very refreshing to see Luigi & Iango take a different route… It’s sultry, young and cool! Very well done,” praised WAVES.

“Rebecca is selling it here. She has this classic and elegant face to kinda pull it off effortlessly,” approved annikad.

“I always take a strong dosage of Luigi & Iango whenever I can so I’m very much a fan of this and think the pair photographed Rebecca Leigh Longendyke wonderfully here. She’s a real beauty, suits the styling perfectly and genuinely couldn’t pick between the two covers,” wrote vogue28.

“I absolutely love the first cover, Rebecca looks stunning in Miu Miu! Always great to see Luigi & Iango’s work,” aracic pointed out.

Vogue Korea February 2022 : Rebecca Leigh Longendyke by Luigi & Iango


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