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Rachel Zegler, Simone Ashley and Alison Oliver Each Earn Solo ELLE Covers for May 2022

Recently, American ELLE has been at the very top of our list when it comes to purchasing magazines from newsstands. It’s all thanks to Nina Garcia’s knack for producing simply stunning covers featuring everyone from Kaia Gerber to Grace Elizabeth to Zoë Kravitz to Precious Lee. For May 2022, the publication welcomes three new faces by shining a spotlight on rising stars. The three collectible covers consist of Rachel Zegler shot by Paul Wetherell, Bridgerton‘s Simone Ashley snapped by Christina Ebenezer and The Lir Academy graduate Alison Oliver captured by Greg Williams.

US Elle May 2022 : Rachel Zegler, Simone Ashley & Alison Oliver


The covers fall short in the eyes of our forum members, however. “Weak covers…” said matheus_s the second the covers dropped.

“Teen ELLE,” disapproved Lucien112.

“Damn they did Alison Oliver dirty with that photo choice. Zero effort put into all the cover stories,” Marc10 chimed in.

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“None work for me, they look so homemade,” critiqued a far from impressed Bertrando3.

“A crying shame really because I’ve felt like American ELLE has been on a complete roll. None of these covers do it for me, not even the Parisienne vibes I’m getting from Rachel Zegler or how bold and bright Simone Ashley’s cover is. All three feel like total nonevents,” proclaimed vogue28.

“How boring,” agreed liberty33r1b.

Although not everyone feels the same way. “These are good covers,” defended ivano. “Getting some retro vibes from each of them (70s and 90s in Rachel’s, 2000s in Simone’s and 80s in Alison’s cover).”

US Elle May 2022 : Rachel Zegler, Simone Ashley & Alison Oliver


Do you like what you see? Share your thoughts on the May 2022 covers of American ELLE here.