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Link Buzz: Fall 2012 Campaign Blowout; The Katie Holmes/Tom Cruise Divorce Settlement

  • Want fun? Well then: click through for a slideshow of every major Fall 2012 campaign, so far. [Fashionologie]

  • For another kind of fun, DIY a photo-print clutch and then go out on the town to show it off. [FabSugar]

  • Some things aren't fun, like divorce. Which is probably why Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise decided not to stretch it out and just settle. [CelebDirtyLaundry]

  • No one thought going to see the new Katy Perry documentary this weekend would be very fun. [AnythingHollywood]

  • Want to dye your hair this summer? I bet that would be really FUN. [BellaSugar]

  • New mom Kourtney Kardashian is about to learn that having a child isn't all fun and games. [DailyStab]

  • A Disney x Sephora princess-inspired beauty collection? Nuf said. [FashionETC]