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Less is More for Shakuhachi and Urban Outfitters’ New Collaboration

As high-low capsules and designer collaborations continue to send the fashion world into full-blown retail hysteria, sometimes the best ones are those you (hopefully) don’t have to queue around five blocks to get your mitts on.

In support of this theory are Urban Outfitters and Australian label Shakuhachi, who have joined forces to create a small capsule collection of four wallet-friendly dresses. Each will be priced between $149 and $169, and will be available at select New York and California stores from mid-November. They will also be available online, which is very welcome news for devout local follows who can’t wait until next season to get another fix of girlish bohemian excellence.

Shakuhachi’s mainline has been stocked by Urban Outfitters as part of the store’s Around the World international collection. Designer Jessie White told Elle that Urban is always a go-to place for her when she’s travelling in the states or in Europe, so it seems the collaboration was a natural extension of the relationship.

White also mentioned that capsule collections aren’t too difficult for her to create as she tends to pick up where she left off with her last collection. Since her last collection happened to be this ballsy blend of bright prints and luxe athleticism, that makes mid-November both not specific enough and too far away. 

Image: Shakuhachi's Facebook