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Darren McDonald Lenses a Dazzling Campaign for Dion Lee Resort 2013

Lovers of light unite for Dion Lee’s Resort 2013 campaign. ‘Lunar Tides’ is the iridescent collection we went stupid over back in July, and now it’s got even shinier thanks to the lens of Sydney-based photographer Darren McDonald.

Using light and dark to create a near-surrealist atmosphere is a hallmark of McDonald's work. Here, he’s captured a select few knitwear pieces from the collection in a combination of soft focus and flattering luminescent lighting. The multi-dimensional metallics that Lee has interwoven with reflective neoprene braiding are caught in the camera flash to create an extra-terrestrial glow: perfect for emphasising Lee’s technical chops, and fitting considering his status as a symbol of the future of Australian fashion.

These are clothes for futures both immediate and distant. If last week’s Mayan apocalypse outfit wasn’t up to scratch and you don’t want to wait a century or so for the cyborg revolution, New Year's Eve is just around the corner.