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Madonna So Mad People Dared to Smoke in Her Presence

Just because Madonna has a song called "Nobody's Perfect" doesn't mean she doesn't have high expecations of the people around her.

While performing at an outdoor concert in Santiago, Chili, the Evil Queen of Pop sensed with her nose that someone in the crowd was smoking a cigarette. That's not okay. To think that people at an outdoor pop concert in Santiago, capital city of Chile, would inhale tobacco while enjoying the sweet musical stylings of a celebrated recording artist! That's like wearing open-toed shoes to the office. So inappropriate. 

Madonna, ever the outspoken pop star, stood for herself and what she believed in:

“There are people smoking right now. No smoking! If you’re going to smoke cigarettes, I’m not doing a show. You don’t care about me? I don’t care about you. All right? Are we going to play that game? I’m not kidding. I can’t sing if you smoke … Entiendes? [Note: Wow! Love how she makes such an effort to connect with her fans!] If you love me then don’t smoke. You’re looking right at me and smoking cigarettes, like I’m a stupid f**king idiot.”

It must be so great to be a pop star that gets to make so many rules for people and force them to prove their love to her. Madonna seems like a really happy, not lonely person. 

The vid!

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