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John Galliano Wins the Right to Have His Case Against Dior Heard in Labor Court

Galliano at London Fashion Week 1992

Galliano at London Fashion Week 1992 / Image: Getty

John Galliano has won the right to have his case against Dior heard in labor court.

The designer is suing his former employers (the companies Christian Dior SA and John Galliano SA) for €6 million, as compensation for his firing in March 2011.

The Paris Court of Appeals has rejected the companies' request to have the case heard in commercial court, arguing that the terms of Galliano's employment contract were complicated and unlike the more traditional employer-employee relationships seen at labor court. Essentially, this latest dispute comes down to a disagreement about whether Galliano operated as an independent contractor (which is what his former employers claim) or as a salaried employee (the designer's position) at Dior and his eponymous brand. 

The Paris court has ordered both companies to pay Galliano's court costs, as well as €2,500, for filing the appeal and pulling the designer into this latest legal tangle.

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