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Abbey Lee Kershaw ‘Argues’ With Riley Keough For iD’s ‘More Than a Model’ Series

abbey-leeAbbey Lee Kershaw has her blonde hair back, some very long extensions, and an awkward new video interview for iD. “Australia’s number one supermodel crush” stars in the second installment of the magazine’s new "More Than a Model" series, letting a cameraman into the somewhat chaotic Hollywood home she shares with her Mad Max: Fury Road co-star, American actress Riley Keough.

The “interview” doesn’t teach us much other than that it’s probably not a good idea to move in with one of your best friends. We do glean that she’s into the color aqua because it’s “edible,” and that her secret talent is playing the piano with her knuckles. About five seconds into her debut as on on-film pianist, Keogh barrels in with a bag of groceries and a half-empty juice, then the piano playing stops and the arguing begins.

If you find it funny when girls hurl insults based on physical appearances, watch the video below and prepare yourself for a rollicking good time. Keough calls Abbey “pretentious,” “boring” and an “airhead,” shames her makeup application skills, and even commits the unholiest of sins – dissing her beloved forehead bindi. Abbey refers to the bindi as her “third eye,” which actually does sound pretty pretentious, and calls Riley “ugly.” LOL!

The two BFFs probably are just messing around for the camera, though. At least we’ll pretend they are anyway, since the other option is that Abbey Lee is kind of an a**hole. On the plus side, the interview gives credence to two of our beliefs about the model: Her hair has magical powers, and she’s well overdue for a high fashion comeback. Kershaw has been on hiatus while filming the Mad Max remake, but recently shot a spread for 25 magazine on top of her Gucci Fall 2013 ads. Though if none of this comes to fruition, she’s equally cut out for reality television.