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WTF? Both Esquire and GQ Named ‘Blurred Lines’ Model Emily Ratajkowski ‘Woman of the Year’

64.6% of people voted Emily Ratajkowski as the Woman of the Year

Image: Instagram/FancyGomez

For model Emily Ratajkowski, 2013 was a breakthrough year. And that's almost entirely because she appeared nude in Robin Thicke's sensational 'Blurred Lines' music video featuring T.I and Pharrell, which has racked up over 235 million views on YouTube. The sexed-up clip was the subject of a lot of controversy for its allegedly "rapey" lyrics — "I know you want it / I know you want it / I know you want it / You're a good girl." The fact that those lyrics were accompanied by the sight of naked models dancing around clothed, male performers didn't mollify the Thicke's critics. 

Emily Ratajakwski poses shirtless in a ad for Rag and Bone jeans


Of the three women who appeared in the video, Ratajkowski is the only to successfully parlay the appearance into a full-blown career. (Jessi M'Bengue and Elle Evans have not enjoyed the same stellar trajectories.) The British-born model was cast in a supporting role opposite Ben Affleck in the forthcoming film Gone Girl; she also starred in a series of Rag & Bone ads (pictured, right) and posed for CR Fashion Book

Good for her. Those are all fantastic accomplishments and doubtless there are millions of girls who wish they were in her place. But is she "Woman of the Year?" According to Esquire's readers — yes, definitely, 100%. The model beat out Jennifer Lawrence in a bracket-style tournament for the distinction. So essentially, a woman whose major achievement this year was being a naked prop in a borderline-offensive music video is more deserving than a talented, charming Academy Award-winning movie star. Got it, no problem. Enjoy hell, boys!

The model was also named "Babe of the Year" by GQ. Totally: 'Babe' is practically in her job description. And how does GQ celebrate its babest babe? In one of the feature's opening shots, the model is shown photographed from behind by Terry RichardsonShe's wearing sheer, frilly underwear. An arrow points to her mostly bare ass with a caption reading, "Starring Emily Ratajkowski, a.k.a. that girl from the 'Blurred Lines' video."