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What Do Twerking, Grumpy Cat and Versace All Have in Common?

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

What is the true spirit of our times? Google knows, because Google knows all. 

Behold, excerpts from the 2013 issue of its annual Zeitgeist data drop, Google's guide to search trends. The insights are amazing: 

The tomato mozzarella salad has long been the dominant leader in the appetizer space, but 2013 indicated that shrimp is moving up fast.

Our men might be the world's greatest technological innovators, but they are in peril: They are sitting in silence, their necks naked. They squeeze their lips together but cannot produce any sound. And they can't go on vacation because they don't have a passport. 

What's twerking, you might ask?

So did everybody.

Oh right, fashion. That's what you're here for.