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Selfridges Launches Festival of Imagination Featuring the Innovative United Nude Shoes

What’s the most extreme lengths that you‘ve ever gone to in order to try and win back an ex? Well, the innovative shoe brand United Nude was actually co-founded by the heartbroken architect Rem D Koolhaas who decided to turn his architectural skills to footwear rather than buildings, to try and woo his ex.

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Regardless of whatever his relationship status may now be, his shoe business is thriving and continuing to gain a strong international presence, and we’re excited to announce the arrival of its third exhibition and pop up shop at London’s flagship Selfridges.

As part of Selfridges Festival of Imagination exploring the creative mind and innovative thoughts, United Nude will be showcasing some of its finest footwear and demonstrating just exactly how the lines between fashion, art and architecture can be blurred. Its Lo Res collection and the innovative NOVA shoe will also be available to buy throughout the duration of the exhibition.

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The Lo Res collection, as the name implies, is created using Lo Res design technology which uses low resolution leading to 3-D abstractions in design. All supported by a short video to help visitors to understand the design concept, the exhibition features items such as Lo Res cars and cups, and of course, the mind blowing Lo Res shoes, which are available in many trend led colours.

So, if you fancy learning a thing or two about innovative fashion design, head over to Selfridges flagship and check out its Festival of imagination which launches January 17.

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Images: United Nude