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See All the Roberto Cavalli-Designed Outfits for Miley Cyrus’ Bangerz Tour

We've just got wind of what Miley Cyrus will be sporting during her upcoming Bangerz tour, all designed by Roberto Cavalli—and it is a doozy. But we wouldn't expect any less of this match up, really. "Skimpy" is the operative word here. Along with teensy, shimmery jorts and denim bras, there are two stand-out outfits that can best be described as "raunchy zebra"—a bodysuit with zebra stripe, body-revealing cut-outs—and "matching bikini and diamond choker." We aren't sure we want to know how the latter really works—it's reminiscent of a spray-on diamond bikini, and also recalls a certain look we've seen before on another pop princess. But we can't think of anything more appropriate for a live rendition of "Wrecking Ball" than this nearly-nude look. Still taking bets for how Miss Miley will be sporting her hair for this outing, though.