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Ellery Makes Her Pre-Fall Debut (and a Strong Case For Flared Suits)


ellery-smallThe international trajectory of Ellery continues with the brand’s first ever Pre-Fall collection.

‘Interfacing’ is a concise collection of contradictions built around Kym Ellery’s masterful use of shape. Fabrics are both fluid and rigid – the most visually luxurious a foam-backed velvet and triple-layer organza dress – and silhouettes both masculine and feminine. Coats, which Ellery always does exceptionally, are either nipped in and scaled down or blown up and completely engulfing the body.

Ellery says the succinct collection encourages the wearer to have an upright posture. Corsets, funnel necks, cinched waists and décolletage necklaces appeal to your inner steampunk, though have maximum draw power when slightly obscured by one of those giant pod coats. We’ll take the one in powdery lilac.

There’s also plenty of cool suiting that fuses Savile Row tailoring with outré details. No one charges into the dubious territory of cropped legs and kick flares quite like Ellery. The trousers here, if you’re daring enough, are good reason not to leave your ankles out of your beauty routine. And to get psyched for the designer's Paris Fashion Week sophomore outing next month.