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Watch These Awkward Interviews with Some of Your Favorite Top Models

Images, from left to right: - IMAXtree - - A. Miller/WENN -

Images, from left to right: – IMAXtree – – A. Miller/WENN –

As we learned on America's Next Top Model, after a certain attractiveness threshold, personality is what really cements a model's success. For proof, look no further than Cara Delevingne

Delevingne is hardly an unknown quantity, but the vast majority of our favorite models — even those at the top of the field — get only a tiny fraction of her media exposure. That's why we lingered on these YouTube clips of models, which were shared as part of a discussion about fashion interviews on the Livejournal community, Fashin.

Do you enjoy watching top models acting awkwardly and showing their true selves? If so, these are for you:

Backstage with Lindsey Wixson as she prepares to take over the world.

Beautiful Bridget Hall does not enjoy having David Letterman drool all over her.

Yes, Snejana Onopka wants to go to law school, but mostly she wants you to leave her alone.

If Sasha Pivovarova says she's a fairy, we believe her.

And last but not least, top male model David Gandy gets propositioned.