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Jay Z and Maybe-Pregnant Beyoncé Release Part 1 of “Bang Bang” Short Film

Image: Tim Edwards/

Image: Tim Edwards/

The Carter-Knowles family has been busy this weekend. First, Jay Z may or may not have announced that Beyoncé is pregnant again. According to sources, the rapper changed the lyrics of his song “Beach is Better” to “‘Cause she pregnant with another one.” Now, of course, the world will be scrutinizing any photo that’s come out of Beyonce in recent weeks, trying to find that telltale baby bump.

While you’re all doing that (we’re waiting for an official announcement before we start speculating), the rest of us can take in Bey and Jay’s latest, which is part 1 of a short film entitled Bang Bang. If you were one of the esteemed few able to make it to the “On the Run” tour this summer, you will have already seen it – the film opened the show. The pair is pictured riding through the desert (BECAUSE THEY’RE ON THE RUN, GET IT?) before stopping at a diner for a cigar break. While Jigga puffs away, he notices the guy sitting a few booths down from them is reading a newspaper which happens to have the couple’s “wanted” faces on the front cover. Instead of leaving quietly, Jay walks over to the guy, puts out his cigar in his cheeseburger and exits. Because the best way to make sure people don’t recognize you is to do something supremely dickish.

This is only part one of the Dikayl Rimmasch– directed series, so stay tuned for others as they trickle out.

[h/t Nowness]