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Here’s What Kanye West Looks Like Teaching College Kids

Kanye West has been busy completing those 250 hours of community service he was hit with after putting the smackdown on a paparazzo last year. Of course, Kanye’s serving his hours in the most Kanye way possible: Teaching impressionable youth about fashion at Los Angeles Trade-Tech College, the same institution Rick Owens attended. 

Kanye’s been finding time in his busy schedule to complete his mandated hours, but we haven’t really seen any photos of Professor West dropping godlike knowledge on these kids — until now. The eagle-eyed folks over at Dazed spied these images of the rapper/designer/deity teaching his class. 

From what we can tell, the kids have a presentation due very soon, and they’d better get on it because, well, you don’t want to disappoint Kanye. It’s unclear exactly what topics the kids were discussing, as it seems they were busy taking pictures of their famous teacher. But we’re pretty sure the talk had something to do with being the Steve Jobs of some facet of the fashion industry. It is, after all, the topic the rapper is most qualified to profess on.

[via Dazed]