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Lululemon’s Head Designer Launches ‘Technical Cashmere’ Brand Kit and Ace



Just when you thought your normcore essentials couldn’t get comfier, enter Kit and Ace, the newest Vancouver-based brand of cushy separates, created by Lululemon’s Shannon Wilson and her son, JJ Wilson. 

The brand, which launched officially in August, has finally made its lush women’s and men’s collections available this month in time for fall layering and your holiday 2014 gift list. 

Kit and Ace is separate from Lululemon and a new departure for the Wilsons, who helped grow the yoga brand since it launched back in 1998. Shannon says Kit and Ace aims to give trendsetters clothing that works as hard as they do.


“Kit and Ace came from our desire to create a luxury fabric (technical cashmere) that works for people living what we consider to be full contact lifestyles,” she says.

And the high-tech secret behind the “technical cashmere” fabric? A viscose-cashmere-elastane blend called qemir. The science behind it (which involved lots and lots of research and development) has helped the brand create the ideal fabric, “a cashmere that won’t stretch, break down in the wash or shrink through drying.” Talk about the laundry of your dreams.

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