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Condé Nast Settles Intern Suit for 5.8 Million

W Magazine Oct 14 Noami Campbell


If you were a Condé Nast Intern in June of 2007 or later, you might soon be getting a check in the mail. The publishing giant has been battling a lawsuit filed by over 7,500 former interns who claim they were underpaid for the long hours they spent working at Conde Nast. Reuters reports that the publisher will now be sending payments of anywhere between $750 and $1,900 to the scorned members of their old low-cost labor force, young men and women who stayed in the office at all hours organizing samples or picking up snacks for editors. 

Condé Nast nixed their internship program last year after getting slapped with the suit. CEO Chuck Townsend said in an email to staffers, “Settling the lawsuit is the right business decision for Condé Nast. It allows us to focus our time and resources on developing meaningful, new opportunities to support future up-and-coming talent.”

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