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Giorgio Armani Extends Milan Fashion Week One More Day


Fashion Month calendar be damned! Giorgio Armani is not going to slap together his fashion show just because someone wants to cut Milan Fashion Week a day short. Last season, Milan Fashion Week was only five days as opposed to the six-day run it’s enjoyed during past seasons. Armani’s move forces Milan to extend its Fashion Week back to the original six days, which is making the Italian Fashion Chamber quite happy. 

“I want to personally thank Giorgio Armani who gave proof of great sensitivity and generosity towards the Italian fashion system,” Mario Boselli, president of the Italian Fashion Chamber, told WWD

Armani flipped in February when Anna Wintour failed to attend his show, leaving instead to move on to Paris. Armani complained that he was the only big designer to show on the last day, which is why editors were flocking to the French city. To make the most of the extended calendar, perhaps the Italian Fashion Chamber should consider scheduling another big-ticket designer on the last day to ensure that more people stick around.

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