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Jeremy Scott Says You Can Feel Any Way You Want About His Moschino Collections

Image: Imaxtree

Image: Imaxtree

Jeremy Scott’s whimsical design aesthetic made him the perfect match for Moschino. In fact, the designer almost fits the house too perfectly with his cheeky designs and madcap aesthetic. But if you’re going to write about his work, just make sure you get it right. WWD had a little sit-down with the designer, who has a book with Rizzoli coming out soon. In the interview, Scott talks about whether or not he thinks his collections should be looked at with a more critical eye. For the most part, Scott is OK with many of the reactions to his work. 

“In my opinion, it’s for each person to pull out their own decision and feelings from it. That’s why I don’t really try to do a dissertation about my work personally,” he said. “It can seem a little frivolous and silly for me to talk intellectually about something like McDonald’s or Barbie or SpongeBob or food packaging. Those who want to look at it like, maybe those dresses are a thought about recycling and how we’re so wasteful as a society and there are so many landfills…or, how can you take something that’s seen as ugly and render something beautiful; put it at the highest level of haute couture and make these evening gowns that are fit to going to La Scala? Or you can just be like, ‘That looks fun!’ I’m totally cool either way.”

But one thing you should never do with his work is make assumptions and pass it off as fact. Scott recalls a time when a major newspaper made a claim about his past inspirations, which was simply not true. “Once, someone talked about me doing all this stuff with the Eiffel Tower. I’ve never done anything with the Eiffel Tower in anything, ever. It’s like in The New York-f–kin’ Times. OK, where did you see this work of mine? You are obviously speaking incorrectly,” he said. “Even with Moschino, people not being astute enough to understand what Franco [Moschino] did. There’s 30 years of history—there’s 10 of Franco. There’s 20 of a team that worked to continue a vision, but you should know the DNA of the house and that lies with Franco. It doesn’t lie with two seasons ago.”

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