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Men Are More Likely to Pay Attention to Women If They’re Wearing High Heels

Men: they like high heels. Also, the wind: did you know it blows sometimes? A new, very crucial and important study done by the Archives of Sexual Behavior found that men pay more attention to women if and when they wear heels, or as they so clinically put it “High Heels Increase Women’s Attractiveness.” Please, tell us more…

Well, the study found that if you’re a woman walking in the street, men are more likely to holla at you and help you if you accidentally drop something than if you’re wearing flats. In a bar, men approached women who were wearing high heels twice as fast as those wearing flats. They’re also most likely to listen to you blather on about feminism. Researchers conducted three different experiments to see how heel height affected the way men reacted to female participants. In one of the experiment, they asked a woman to wear three different pairs of shoes; one flat, one medium ( 5 cm) and one stiletto height (9 cm) and hit the streets to ask men to participate in a survey on gender equality. The higher the woman’s heels were, the more likely men were to answer her questions. In flats, 46.7% of the men complied with the survey and in medium heels, 63.3%. But once the woman threw on her mile-high stilettos, 83.3% of the men she asked agreed to take the survey. 

So, is the key to gender equality a matter of throwing on a pair of Christian Louboutin So Kates? Probably not. But at best, it might get a couple guys to actually pay attention when you explain why catcalling isn’t actually a compliment.

[h/t The Cut, via Archives of Sexual Behavior]