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Evangeline Lilly Wrote a Children’s Book

Evangeline Lilly

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She may have once been Lost, but Evangeline Lilly has found her new calling as a children’s book author. The Canadian-born beauty was at Toronto’s Indigo Manulife Centre book store on Wednesday to sign copies and read from her debut book The Squickerwonkers.

Dressed in a quirky and whimsical ensemble that could only be pulled off by a children’s book author who looks like Evangeline Lilly (and even then), she did a reading of her book that tells the story of spooky marionettes who teach a spoiled little girl about manners and hammed it up for the eager audience. She wore the same quizzical outfit for book stops in New York City earlier this week, so maybe it’s a thing…? Regardless, the 35-year-old mother-of-one seems to really have hit her stride with writing for kids, telling the New York Daily News, “I was not entirely satisfied with my career as an actress and was looking for something that would fulfill me creatively and give me all the things that I want out of a job.” And she wanted to send a message of responsibility to kids: “I just don’t think that a lot of the time the messages we send kids prepare them for real life.”

Although she intends to take more time off in 2015 to write, Evangeline stars once again as Tauriel in the upcoming movie The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, slated for release in mid-December.

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