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C.Wonder Is Closing a Bunch of Its Stores

Image: C.Wonder

Image: C.Wonder

C.Wonder fans better hightail it to the nearest location because the retailer is about to close a lot of its stores. The house Christopher Burch built in 2011 is about to go from retail to wholesale, according to BuzzFeed. The store was said to be a revenge project after his divorce with billionaire fashion mogul Tory Burch. 

Over the years, critics of C.Wonder couldn’t help but see the similarities between Christopher’s brand and Tory’s, and they’re right: that blue blood, East Coast prep aesthetic is something both labels gravitate towards. Apparently, Burch was so keen on showing up his ex-wife that he expanded his label too rapidly. Several shady and unwise business moves have ultimately hurt the brand. BuzzFeed points to a Flatiron location in New York City that Burch was rumored to have bought because Tory’s favorite hair salon is in the same building. 

C.Wonder expects to shutter 20 of its 32 stores by January 1 and transition into a wholesale business in hopes that it can make the leap into department stores. The brand has less than $75 million in sales annually, meanwhile Tory Burch’s brand is sitting pretty raking in over a billion dollars last year. 

Somewhere in the world, Tory is smugly sipping champagne and counting her cash, completely unbothered.

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