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You Will Deal with Another Beyoncé Fishnet Mask on the Cover of Interview Germany

Some people prefer to show their ass on magazine covers, others only need to show a small part of their face for us to know who they are. This month, Beyoncé covers Interview Germany in full-on On The Run regalia: a fishnet mask and her face framed with a fur hood.


Just last night, Beyoncé released the platinum version of her now-legendary, self-titled album, which includes live video performances, a few new songs and some remixes. If the image looks familiar to you, that’s because Bey has taken quite a liking to covering her face in fishnet, thanks to her On The Run tour. Looks like she doesn’t plan on retiring the look anytime soon — and you will deal. 

Part of her face is obscured, but the intensity coming from the eyes is hypnotizing. And do not get us started on those perfectly imperfect brows, groomed with the type of aspirational effortlessness street style guides on how to dress like a French girl are made of. 

[h/t Global Grind]