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André Leon Talley Is’s New Fashion Director

Image: WENN

Image: WENN

Can’t stop, won’t stop: André Leon Talley is bouncing back from his exit from Zappos Couture with a new project he’s working on with WWD confirms that the editor has been tapped as the fashion director for the producer and his smart accessory, the bracelet. 

Will and Talley have been palling around for quite a while now — they arrived together at Louis Vuitton’s Monogram dinner a few weeks ago looking very buddy-buddy. Now, we know why the pair has become so close. The bracelet is a device that allows the wearer to play music, answer texts and phone calls, update their social media accounts and monitor their fitness. It is one of many smart fashion items bursting onto the scene, so it is extremely important for Will to set his brand apart — we’re assuming that is where Talley’s eye and expertise come in. 

It will certainly be interesting to see if Talley’s influence makes or breaks the product.

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