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Cara Delevingne Makes a Cameo in the Pan Trailer

It’s here, guys! The Pan film is due to hit theaters next summer and today, the movie posters and the trailer hit the web. And yes, it looks awesome. But we can’t help but admit that what we’re most excited for is to see Cara Delevingne flex her acting muscles on the big screen. 

The model has been steadily racking up the acting credits and for this film, she’s been cast as a mermaid – which, now that we think of it, is the same role a certain other model-turned-actress played in a different pirate-focused movie. Delevingne doesn’t have a huge part in the trailer, but she does make a quick appearance, swimming through the water, looking absolutely ethereal and gorgeous as a fair sea maiden.

Watch the whole trailer above and get excited for the film, which is due to hit theaters this July.

[h/t Harper’s Bazaar]