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How Everyone Reacted to Laurina Fleure’s Interviewing Gig at the 2014 ARIA Awards

Laurina Fleure is a fashion boutique owner, model and one of The Bachelor Australia’s most-talked-about contestants, but the online community is up in arms about her interviewing skills for the 2014 ARIA Awards red carpet.

We can only assume Laurina was chosen because of her fashion expertise and brief stint with Channel 10, but her role as red carpet host was questioned by many, and praised by few. Twitter users had plenty to say following her interviews with Peking Duk, John Butler Trio, Charli XCX and Martha Marlow.

Her microphone technique was the cause of most of the flak, presumably due to the awkward moment she had with Peking Duk’s Adam Hyde and Reuben Styles.

Laurina, who publicly dated Australia’s answer to Juan Pablo, screwed up when she kept moving the microphone towards the musicians but away from her mouth mid-question.

“Nicole Millar is here this evening but she’s not around, who’s going to babysit you guys if she’s — ” Laurina started to say, but finished her question with the microphone in Peking Duk’s faces rather than her own.

Luckily the boys were able to make sense of the rest of Laurina’s question, but the viewers at home had a little more trouble understanding what she had just asked. Here’s what some less-than-impressed Twitter users had to say about Laurina’s time on the red carpet:

Others weren’t terribly phased by Laurina’s microphone slip up, and instead took the time to applaud her efforts, saying she’s an “actual BOSS” and that “fashion is her go”.

We’ll be the first to admit Laurina’s no Angela Bishop when it comes to interviewing the stars, but, then again, she doesn’t have the lifetime experience that Angela has under her belt.