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BANDE DES QUATRES Unisex Collection Offers Earrings, Necklaces and More

Earrings For Couples: The Latest Accessory Trend

Boyfriend jeans, an oversize sweatshirt, a pair of socks now and again (if they fit!) — sometimes sharing your fashion favorites with your partner or bestie is fun, but what about your accessories? Your earrings?

This season, Montreal-meets-New-York brand BANDE DES QUATRES pushes gender boundaries with Minimalists IV, a collection of less-is-more inspired jewelry and accessories, including earrings, necklaces and more for men and women.

Me and You: The Bande Des Quatres Ruprecht Necklace

Founder and designer Erin Wahed has created a whole line that really speaks to both sexes — think edgy drop earrings that look great on you and him. What’s even more special about this brand is that every piece is made by hand with premium materials like sterling silver, oxidized sterling silver, 18K yellow gold, palladium white gold and precious gemstones. Sandblasting, scratching, oxidizing and polishing make each BANDE DES QUATRES piece unique.

Even better, pieces start at $75, offering quality at an amazing price. Head over to the BANDE DES QUATRES website to start shopping for yourself and your stylish partner in crime.