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Tilda Swinton Is GQ’s Woman of the Year

Image: WENN

Image: WENN

We’ve gotta give GQ some props. The magazine has announced its Woman of the Year for 2014 and it’s not a Kardashian-Jenner or your typical blushing movie starlet barely out of her 20s.

The lad mag has chosen Tilda Swinton for the honor, and rightly so. If you couldn’t detect the woman’s inherent awesomeness (a near-impossible feat), the article confirms just how naturally cool The Grand Budapest Hotel actress is IRL. She was a professional gambler, betting on horses. She smells like “wildflowers and wood smoke.” She makes you eat haggis and then finishes the rest when you can’t take any more. 

There are no topless photos here, no boudoir booty shots with silken sheets covering her nether regions. Tilda is in full force, graceful, angular, androgynous — and not looking at all like a woman who’s lived 54 years. The shots are artistic, arresting portraits of the woman whose eyes are both haunting and gentle at the same time.

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