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Disney’s Got a ‘Frozen’ Makeup Line

Image: Disney

Image: Disney

Kids can’t seem to get enough of Frozen and Disney can’t get enough of making money off of Frozen. While you’re scouring the stores this holiday season looking for Elsa and Olaf plush toys, you can pick up a little somethin’ somethin’ for yourself now that Disney is releasing a cosmetics line based off the hit film. 

The range consists of lipstick, nail polish an eyeshadow palette and rollerball options. The peddlers of princess complexes and false hopes for love invite you to “discover the magic inside” with cosmetics that have names like “Spiraling Snow,” “Miss Royal Pants” and “Queen to Be.” As you might have guessed, there is a LOT of sparkle, shimmer and frost – basically all the colors you might have worn to your seventh grade dance. 

Prices start at $11 and peak at $35, so the range is pretty reasonably priced. The catch? You’ll have to travel to a Disney Park to buy anything, as it appears the collection hasn’t hit the ‘net yet.

So go forth, dear frosty princesses and get gussied up courtesy of Disney.

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