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Corbin Harris Uses Sydney Shopping Centre as His Own Personal Skatepark

Who ever said shopping centres are just for shopping, hadn’t met skateboarder Corbin Harris. The globally-recognised athlete turned South Sydney’s Westfield Miranda into his own personal skatepark, to showcase the centre’s $45 million redevelopment in a promotional video.

The black-and-white clip sees Corbin harmlessly joyriding around the centre’s car park, before making the fashion crowd nervous with nifty kickflips outside the Zimmermann and Chanel stores. Seriously, Corbin, behave.

It’s all in the aim of showing off Westfield Miranda’s new assets after it recently opened on November 27. Corbin was an appropriate choice, seeing as he spent a lot of time in the centre as a kid. The skateboard he used, one of 100 limited-edition decks featuring artwork designed in collaboration with street artist Anthony Lister, is also available from the centre’s Surf, Dive and Ski store. He’s dressed in new season threads from a mix of Westfield Miranda’s retailers.

Oh, and Westfield makes it quite clear in the video that “exclusive access was given” to Corbin “for one night only”, and “will never happen ever again”. So don’t get any ludicrous ideas. Seeing as it was a one-off event, you may as well make the most of it and watch the video below.