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Lindsay Lohan’s New Clothing Line Is One Big Addiction Joke

Addiction — serious personal and societal issue or cute way to sell clothes? If you’re Civil clothing, it’s the latter. The streetwear brand has tapped Lindsay Lohan for a limited-edition collaboration called “My Addiction” because, ha-ha! Get it? She’s suffered from drug and alcohol abuse issues that have negatively affected her career! Why not exploit that for a few cool coins?

The collection is slated to hit PacSun this week and consists of graphic T-shirts emblazoned with images of the actress as well as baseball jerseys, tanks, sweatshirts, beanies and tall socks. 

According to TMZ, Civil clothing came up with the name, which Lindsay was apparently cool with. Which is alright, but like, seriously, what wouldn’t she be cool with at this point?

The collection is set to hit stores December 12, but if you can’t wait, you’ll be able to purchase items from the collection via the PacSun website tomorrow.

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