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Amazon Launches Ethical Home Essentials Range

Image: Amazon

Image: Amazon

Amazon is getting into the sustainable market with the launch of a new line of ethical home products. The e-tailer is starting with baby wipes, but will soon debut Amazon Elements in full. The main feature of Amazon Elements products is that you can scan them with your smartphone in order to see information about where and how the product was sourced. 

Word is Amazon is trying to compete with Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company, which has a similar business model and has managed to raise over $120 million in funding. So far, Amazon Elements’ only products are diapers and the aforementioned wipes, which are a bit pricier than other, less “ethical” options. TechCrunch hypothesizes Amazon will also offer a range of healthy juices, based on a category it found under the site’s Elements heading. 

Amazon Elements will only be available to Amazon Prime customers, so if you were planning on getting environmentally-friendly diapers for your little one, we hope that you’ve got the coins to shill out for a membership. 

Amazon will be slowly releasing more products as time goes on, so it will be interesting to see how the line develops. For now, you can shop the products via the website.

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