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Teen Voguer Brendan Jordan’s American Apparel Ads Are Here, and Yes, Very Fierce

Get ready to let out a resounding “Yaaaaaaas,” people. Brendan Jordan, a.k.a. the kid who started vouging behind a news reporter during a live TV broadcast, is American Apparel’s latest face. After Jordan’s impromptu, epic vouging sesh went viral, he proceeded to make us love him even more with his explanation on what possessed him to start posing. As he told Queen Latifah, “Everytime I see a spotlight, there’s this mode I snap into, and my inner superstar comes out!” Indeed.


Brendan let it slip during the interview that American Apparel had approached him to model for them and now, the images are out! The 15-year-old is pictured wearing both men’s and women’s styles, and he is serving, hunny. Each of the four poses he strikes is as fierce as the last. In the ads, American Apparel offers a little explanation as to why they chose him for their campaign. “We were inspired by Brendan after seeing his fearless act of spontaneity and applaud his efforts with the LGBTQ community”

Right on. And also, a great improvement from their usual borderline or just downright skeevy advertising.

At any rate, congratulations to young Mr. Jordan, and we hope that this campaign is only the start of many more. Who knows what could be next? (We’re hoping for a Fashion Week gig. Someone please make that happen.)

In the meantime, please enjoy these gifs of Jordan slaying the camera and giving us all life.


Please Look At Teen Voguer Brendan Jordan’s American Apparel Ads

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Yaas hunny, gone dust your shoulders off!

Uh huh, uh huh

Please Look At Teen Voguer Brendan Jordan’s American Apparel Ads

Image: Papel Pop

Oh no miss thing, don’t interrupt his groove.

Get it. Get it. Work. Work! 

Turn up boo! You win at life!

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