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Yumi Stynes Fires Up at “Sexist” Journalist Who Criticised Her 6-Month-Old Baby’s Outfit

Yumi Stynes has fired back at journalist David Campbell and called his actions “sexist” after the writer criticised her 6-month-old baby’s red carpet outfit on The Daily Telegraph‘s Sydney Confidential column.

David wasn’t impressed with the fact that Yumi’s bub, Mercy, wore only a nappy to the Sydney premiere of Paddington, deeming the half-naked getup as a “fashion faux pas” which looked “plain weird.” A father himself, David even went on to suggest that the only worthy excuse for such minimal clothes would be a “poo explosion” en route to the premiere.

Yumi Stynes

Photo: Don Arnold/WireImage

As you can imagine, Yumi wasn’t happy. The media personality took to her Twitter account yesterday afternoon to express her disgust at David’s comments, suggesting that men control the way women, of all ages, dress. Here’s what she had to say:

Yumi also shared her frustration with Daily Mail Australia, saying, “When we saw that article this morning it was so incredibly judgmental and hostile it actually made my hair stand up on end.” She added, “‘Baby wears nappy’ is hardly news: it’s a breathtakingly sexist attack – and if I am the person who attracts that sort of confected scandal, that’s sad for me. But leave my baby daughter out of it.”

Yumi, her husband, Martin Bendeler, and her three daughters just wanted to enjoy a nice family outing, not top the social pages, and the attention has her royally pissed off. “The last thing we expected was to have s*** hung on us for what our 6-month-old was wearing!” she told Daily Mail Australia. “I don’t believe in judging babies by their outfits. More attempts by men to control women, if you ask me!”

David hasn’t responded to Yumi’s tweets as yet, but, interestingly, he retweeted her comment about Mercy not having the same obligation as Nicole Kidman to dress up for the red carpet. 

Who do you think is in the wrong here? Should a baby have to wear more than a nappy in public, or is David, as Yumi suggests, just being “sexist” and “judgmental”?