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Watch: Hailey Baldwin Shakes It in a Sketchy Hotel Room for LOVE’s Advent Calendar

We bet that if Katie Grand had her way, Kendall Jenner would be included in every day of LOVE magazine’s advent calendar, but unfortunately, there are other models in the world and she’s gotta make use of ’em. Today, it’s Hailey Baldwin’s turn to shake her tailfeather for the camera.

Set in a sketchy-looking hotel room with a stripped twin bed and fuzzy old-timey TV, Hailey gyrates and purses her very red lips for the camera. The model is clad in a lacy white crop top, Daisy Duke cutoffs and a pair of glitter boots. Daniel Jackson directed today’s video, and while it is a little spooky (sorry, strange motel rooms freak us out), Hailey does look incredibly sexy.

Watch her in action above.

[via LOVE YouTube]