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Julia Roberts and Riccardo Tisci Sound Off on Givenchy Ad Campaign



The fashion corner of the Internet went wild on Monday night when Riccardo Tisci revealed the images from his spring campaign, for which he tapped American icon Julia Roberts. Julia seemed like an unlikely, yet altogether unsurprising, choice for Givenchy. We didn’t expect to see her in the campaign, but when we saw the images, it all made sense. The actress is barefaced, pared down and unsmiling in the campaign, a choice which Tisci told Yahoo! Style was intentional. “It’s Julia’s sensibility that interests me. I fell in love with her because she’s a strong woman, but she’s also fragile. I also love her intellectual side. So for me, the Julia in these pictures is the real one you see every day.”

Tisci clad Julia in classic Givenchy pieces for the campaign; a black suit, a billowing black blouse and a smart pencil skirt paired with a crisp white button-down underneath a black pullover. For as natural and comfortable as Julia looks in front of the camera, she admitted that the prospect of modeling seemed extremely foreign to her. In fact, she said that she thought it was simply hilarious that she, at her age, would have been asked to appear in the ads. “My sister and I were actually just on the phone, and we were laughing so hard,” she told Joe Zee. “She goes, ‘How are you suddenly turned into a supermodel? You’re almost 50.’ It’s funny.”

Julia said she was also a bit timid when she stepped on set to be photographed by shutterbugs Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott. But Tisci’s presence put her at ease, not only about the shoot, but about fashion in general. “He’s in an industry that I find very intimidating and elusive—just like the good-looking girl in high school. The whole fashion industry is that to me. And then you meet these people who are so kind, love what they do, and are very interested in the personal aspects of it.”

 If there was any fear or intimidation, it’s certainly not apparent in these photos!

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