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Kathy Griffin Will Take No Prisoners as Fashion Police Host

Kathy Griffin is a woman who isn’t afraid to speak her mind, so you know that once she takes over hosting duties at E!’s Fashion Police, she’s going to come with the fury. The comedienne dished with Jimmy Kimmel last night about her new job replacing Joan Rivers on the hit TV show. And sensitive celebs may want to brace themselves because Kathy promises to take no prisoners.

“This was a job that was held by our dear friend Joan Rivers, so I understand I have some very, very large shoes to fill,” she declared. “So, in her honor, I will not be holding back. I am giving no passes, I am going to let people have it, I am going to bring the hammer down.” And it sounds like Jimmy may be her first victim. “You might wanna up your game,” she joked with the host. 

Kathy, we’re so ready.

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