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WATCH: Kendall Jenner’s Dazed Cover Shoot Gets Turned Into a Video

Kendall Jenner gets to werque in a new fashion film by Dazed magazine. The spot, which is just a little over a minute, is inspired by Andy Warhol’s screen tests and shows the model as she poses in a series of looks from her Dazed spread.

The reality star-cum-bonafide model takes on a few different characters, all of which we finally see come to life in motion with this new video short. We see Jenner sometimes blinking vacantly into the camera, wide-eyed holding a lamp, other times casting a smoldering glance from behind a floral-festooned veil. It’s a chance to see Kendall in action and a firsthand look at her modeling chops while she’s in front of the camera.

Jenner is featured on the cover of Dazed‘s current issue, heralding her presence as “changing the face of fashion.” She sits at the top of its “Dazed 100” list.

Watch Ms. Jenner pose and preen in the video above.

[via Dazed]