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Agyness Deyn to Return to Modelling?

Could we call Agyness Deyn the Cara Delevingne of the noughties’ fashion world? Well, there’s no denying that was the one model’s name upon everybody’s lips as she dominated the scene. But what happened? It seemed like one day she was sipping cocktails with Alexa Chung, and the next she’d completely disappeared.

For sure, the fashion world is a tough cookie to crack, but in Agyness’ case it didn’t just chew her up and spit her out, as it was her own choice to step away from fashion’s glare in order to concentrate on an acting career.


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Fast-forward several years, and she’s back and pursuing her dream as an actress with her new film Electricity. Gone is her quirky hair and instead flows a brown pony. Not quite the edgy style icon that we recall.

So, with her acting dreams now a reality and her new subtle appearance, does this mean that she’s about to break our hearts and officially turn her back on fashion forever? Well, we don’t think so (and we refuse to believe!) because upon being asked about her modelling career in a recent interview with ELLE U.K., she said, “I look back and I had such an amazing time, and I would never want to shut the door in an official way.”

Let’s hope it’s a clear indication that she’s going to don Dr. Martens and make a fashionable resurgence in the not so very distant future. And who doesn’t need a breather from seeing Cara everywhere?