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Now You Can Spend the Night at Downton Abbey

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

Ever wanted to experience just a taste of what life at Downton Abbey would be like, but don’t have a time machine to go back to the 20s? Well, now you have your chance. The owners of the now-famous Highclere Castle (which we all know as Downton), will let you stay overnight on the famed property. According to the Telegraph, the owners have opened a guest house, dubbed the London Lodge, which isn’t quite in the castle — it’s in two restored buildings on the estate, big enough for two people each. 

The spot is basically perfect for a Downton-themed lovers’ getaway in cute cottages with a sophisticated, rustic feel. But if you are interested, you may want to plan for your trip sooner rather than later. The spot is already booked with guests through the spring, but there will be openings for summer and fall visits since the lodge is already so popular. 

So no, there will be no late night visits from Lady Mary, and Mr. Carson may not come check on you to see when you’re ready for your morning coffee in bed, but at the very least, you can dress up in flapper dresses and take some seriously cool Instagram pictures to make all your friends jealous that you’re having the best weekend ever.

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