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Dov Charney Talks American Apparel Dismissal

Image: Getty Images

Image: Getty

Now that Dov Charney is officially out at American Apparel, folks are starting to wonder what’s next for the troubled CEO. The former boss has come forward with a statement on his dismissal and in it, he seems to indicate no intention of completely cutting off his relationship with the brand. “I’m proud of what I created at American Apparel and am confident that, as its largest shareholder, I will have a strong relationship with the company in the years ahead,” he said. “Naturally, I am disappointed with the circumstances and my over 25 years of deep passion and commitment for American Apparel will always be the core DNA of the company.”

WWD speculates that his departure will probably lead to a few court battles, though as of yet, there is no indication that Charney will take legal action against his former company. 

Whatever he plans to do in light of the news, one thing is for sure: Charney will likely never again hold the kind of power he used to at American Apparel.

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