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WATCH: Alessandra Ambrosio Can’t Take Her Jeans Off in LOVE’s Latest Advent Calendar Video

We’ve got to give it to LOVE magazine for today’s entry in its advent calendar. Not only is it incredibly sexy, but it adds a glamorous twist to a struggle every girl can relate to. 

For day 18, the magazine tapped Alessandra Ambrosio to take it all off for the camera. We see the Victoria’s Secret model writing on a white shag carpet, slowly peeling off all her clothes until she reaches down to her (way too) distressed jeans and – ugh – can’t seem to get them off past her ankles. She struggles and struggles (sexily, of course) kicking her feet up and down, smiling to hide what we imagine is simmering frustration. And in the most anticlimactic fashion ever, she never gets those darn jeans off entirely before the video ends.

Ain’t that a B.

[via LOVE YouTube