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Kate Middleton’s Hair Is Prince William’s ‘Nightmare’

Image: WENN

Image: WENN

Just because he is in line to be King of England does not mean Prince William is above throwing a little shade. The Duke of Cambridge cracked a cute little quip on a visit to London’s Centrepoint homeless charity as he was talking with an aspiring hairdresser and suggested that he style Kate’s “nightmare hair.”

Yes – it’s a loving joke made by a husband about his beautiful wife but if that hair is a nightmare, we don’t want to wake up from it. Shiny, thick, silky, slightly curled at the bottom… What part of such perfection could be a nightmare? We mean, get into those highlights and lowlights people!

Don’t worry, Kate, Wills is just probably just jealous of your luxurious locks. #hairflip.

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