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Sarah Jessica Parker Is Going to Be in a New HBO Show

Image: WENN

Image: WENN

The world clearly has not had enough of seeing Sarah Jessica Parker puttering around the city as a single woman, so we’re going to have yet another opportunity to watch the actress navigate a crappy love life. SJP is reportedly working on a new show with HBO called Divorce, which is about (surprise!) divorce.

The show will likely take place in New York City and will be in bite-size, half-hour episodes — for those of you who can only take a single SJP in small doses since you’re still recovering from a decade-long Sex and the City overload. 

We’re expecting this series to be very stylish because, quite frankly, you can’t bring SJP back to HBO and have her rocking Fashion Bug throwaways from 2002. The show’s premiere date is still a secret, but we’ll definitely be on the lookout.

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