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Used Underwear Sold at Victoria’s Secret, Marshalls and More, According to Report

Image: WENN

Image: WENN

If you’ve been buying your underwear from Victoria’s Secret, Walmart or Marshalls, you might be twirling around town in someone else’s old panties. Ew.

The Today show did a report four years back on top retailers who recycle used underwear returned by customers, putting them back on the floor for unsuspecting shoppers. They followed up in a recent broadcast and found that at the three abovementioned stores, little has changed. Apparently, returned undies were marked, retagged and added to the sales floor. 

All three retailers firmly stress that such practices are against store policy and are not the norm. Marshalls added that they usually do not accept returns if the garment looks as if it’s been worn. They all pledge to take action and make sure their employees are better aware of protocol.

Needless to say, we’re going to be very careful next time we’re browsing for panties and will make sure to thoroughly wash them before wearing.

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