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Surfer-Turned-Model Anastasia Ashley Thinks Terry Richardson Is ‘Awesome’

Image: WENN

Image: WENN

Pro surfer-cum-model Anastasia Ashley doesn’t have an agent, but she definitely manages to scoop up some top-notch gigs. Ashley has worked for Sports IllustratedMaxim and Esquire, has modeled alongside Chrissy Teigen and posed for one of the most controversial figures in fashion, Terry Richardson. The photographer has had a pretty rough year, with more women coming forward with claims of sexual assault. 

But Richardson’s troubled reputation didn’t stop Ashley from working with him. And she says the experience was actually quite pleasant. “Terry is awesome. He’s one of the most professional and nicest photographers I’ve ever worked with,” she told The Daily Beast. “There’s just a level of experience and knowledge that… It’s no wonder why he’s one of the most popular photographers in the world. He’s really good at making people feel comfortable, and really having fun, so that was a great experience.” How nice that she had such a good time.

Ashley sympathizes with Richardson’s troubles, but thinks the criticism he’s received is just a symptom of his fame. “I think it’s crazy. I feel like it’s unfortunate that a lot of people in the public eye can get people coming after them. I don’t know the situation’s ins and outs, so I can’t speak directly on that, but I know it’s hard being in any position in the public eye. There’s more scrutiny, and there’s more people looking for a reason to put you down.”

Well, that’s one way of looking at it.

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