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Lots of People Saw ‘The Interview’ Over the Holidays

Did you do your duty as an American patriot this holiday and watch The Interview? The comedy, starring Seth Rogen and James Franco, has been through the ringer prior to its opening, thanks to the Sony hack and North Korea throwing a fit over the film in which Rogen’s and Franco’s characters are tasked with assassinating Kim Jong-un. The film was set to premiere in theaters, canceled and then revived again after the backlash, but in the process, it’s been given up to the Internet gods for consumption — and in true American fashion, we consumed.


The film took top spots on YouTube Movies and Google Play. Xbox Video has also made the movie available and word is that Netflix is in talks with Sony to stream the movie itself. But not everyone watched the movie from the comfort of their couches. The Interview  played at 300 independent theaters when it opened on Wednesday. The movie has brought in $1 million since its Christmas Day release. 

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