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Lady Gaga Stars in Shiseido’s New Year’s Campaign

Image: @ladygaga

Image: @ladygaga

When you’re a celebrity, a well-placed selfie could mean serious dollars. Just ask Kim Kardashian. And such rings true for Lady Gaga, whose latest series of selfies will have her raking in the cash. The singer has been tapped by Shiseido as the face of its New Year’s 2015 campaign. Instead of hiring a high-profile photog for the shoot, the brand put Gaga to work, having her produce a series of 50 selfies, all of which will be released for the campaign.

The ads are set to run in a few Japanese newspapers to encourage people to add Shiseido to their list as they do some New Year’s shopping. Apparently, this particular time of year is a big shopping season in Japan, so these ads are coming at just the right time. 

But good luck spying the ads in your local newspaper. The campaign is set to run only in Japan, so the rest of us will just have to wait for the photos to surface on the Internet.

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