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Gwyneth Paltrow Doesn’t Care If You Make Fun of Her Use of ‘Conscious Uncoupling’

Marie Claire is starting off 2015 with Gwyneth Paltrow covering its February 2015 issue. Gwyneth really had quite an eventful 2014 and this seems to be the year for her to start anew. In the issue, the actress and lifestyle guru opens up about ending her relationship with husband of 10 years Chris Martin.


“There was nothing dramatic or anything,” she said of the split. “I had built my life on trying to be all things to all people, and I just couldn’t do it anymore, and I really had the sense that I wasn’t allowed to have needs, and I had to prove my specialness or self-worth by doing all this stuff and taking care of everybody else, and I just sort of hit a wall.” Gwyneth also commented on the now-famous phrase she used to classify her breakup, or rather “conscious uncoupling.” “You can make fun of the term or whatever,” she said. “I didn’t invent it.” But she certainly helped make it a thing!

But despite the split, Gwyneth says that things between her and her ex are just fine and it seems they’ve been able to maintain some sort of positive relationship in the midst of it all. “We’ve worked really fucking hard to get to [this] point. But we’re very, very close, and it’s so nice. I feel like it’s, in a way, the relationship we were meant to have.”

Catch Gwyneth in Marie Claire when the issue hits newsstands January 15.

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